Thursday, April 30, 2009

Does new Investment plans are like Growth Plan(Non-working Plan)?

Few days back I was talking a distributor of of some MLM 
investment plan, he said" This is the time of only investment plans, 
get started and you can make good money", to an extend he is right 
that as an early starter I will definitely gain more than the others 
but the question remains in mind that how good are these investments 
plans are? 

         We have already gone through growth plans... It failed... and 
we all know that why did it fail, let's not beat drums on this issue, 
this time again a new kind of plan has come up in the market. The plan 
we already know is Investment plan. 

         There are plans in the market where your principal amount 
after investment triples in three months, some of them are giving 10% 
every month for next 60 months and in some forex plans one can get 1% 
daily for next 300 days. 

I think they are just creating faith at the initial level and when 
more money comes in they would vanish form the market. 

  • Would this plan survive in near the future? 
  • Would this plan perform as per people's expectation? 
  • Or again only handful of people will make money? 

I need your overview on investment plans, where if you are justifying 
do give us some reasons. You never know if you are able to justify, 
some other member might join you!! Right