Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reliance MLM News

According to a complaint with town police station, the company alleged that Kauja Saifuddin, Mohan, Sreekanth Mohan, Nishad and Shaji Nellikotte ''defamed the group by falsely informing the public about its foray into MLM activities.'' The accused issued advertisements, conducted workshops and meetings in various places and also posted information on the internet with the names to be contacted for those who were desirous of becoming members in the proposed- MLM business intended to be floated by the group, it said in a release.

The group strongly believed that the above activity was carried out to cheat the public at large who had placed their unrelenting trust and confidence in it, the release said.

''We have no plans to launch any MLM activity and would like to take this opportunity to warn everybody against this fraud being carried out by the group of people with the malicious intent to malign our brand equity,'' the release added.

Meanwhile, confirming receipt of the compalint, police sources said some of the accused had been summoned to the station and interrogation was on.

Reliance MLM News

The information about Reliance being coming to MLM at last has been proven wrong. This is now clear that Reliance would not be promoting their mobile business through MLM in near future. There is a site called Right now it is under construction with a mobile number. When I went to the detail I found that it was created on 2008-02-02, by Shajprashanth from Kerala, to help the job seekers entering in MLM business, describing possible frauds in the MLM market in the name

This rumor started one and half year back from Gujarat, few mlm people actually wanted to take advantage out of the situation, by getting many people under their downlines from day one, if Reliance comes into mlm and it also happened with other mlm people who started promoting. Every one from the fist day wanted to become rich over a night, if Reliance comes into mlm.

Why would Reliance come into MLM? I don't see any solid reason; a company with a big bank balance would never enter into MLM. They can easily promote their business through direct marketing, and

There are three kinds of risks involved:-

1.The money invested by investors would be withdrawn from reliance industries, which Reliance cannot afford at any cost.
2.It would give wrong message in the industry; a company would get into mlm only when they do not have bank balance to promote their business, & to this category Reliance do not fall.
3.The center government at anytime can introduce mlm law in India, which is the most important aspect for Reliance.

In the history we people have seen that big company like Hindustan lever could not stand in the mlm market then why to expect Reliance would do well if it comes into mlm. We should not forget that anything can happen after all it is mlm.

The Last thing I would say to mlm people would be that now it is almost more than18 months since I heard about reliance coming to MLM, but now there is just hope, and for how long can we wait? That too when company is not confirming anything. The people who actually started promoting now do not have any proper answers, they just have hope and fake promises. If you people can fill your stomach with hope and fake promises then keep waiting for Reliance.

Now my suggestion to you all is that don't waste time waiting for Reliance coming to MLM. People who have the right attitude would never wait for Reliance but would instead make their own destination with convection and faith.

We all know that it is not an easy industry, only hard and smart working people can survive. That is why the success rate is just 3 percent.

Friday, October 24, 2008

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